Joker at Crufts 2008

Taste Of Truth Meriter

Joker’s results

2010-10-30 INT Hannover.
middle-sized male with an outstanding movement, correctly developed head,
correct and complete set of teeth with very small teeth, typical nose and eyecolor, outstanding topline,
excellent bones and angulation, correct and free mover, typical coat, secure temper

2010-08- Nationale Ausstellung Leipzig 2010
Excellent, 1st place, Anw. Dt CH VDH, CAC, BOB, BIG 2

2010-08- Internationale Ausstellung Leipzig 2010
Excellent, 1st place, Anw. Dt CH VDH, CAC DRC, CACIB, BOB, VDH-Sieger Leipzig

2010-06-13 (CACIB Erfurt):
3 1/2 year old male, very pleasent, with lots of substance, nice masculine head, well shaped body, straight legs, enough angulation in rear, good movement, well groomed coat, correct character
EXC 1, Anw. Dt CH. VDH, CAC; CACIB, Landessieger Thüringen, BOB, BIG 1, BIS 3

2010-05-07 NAT Dortmund

2010-04-24 INT Lingen
”Excellent represantative of the breed, excellent shaped head, good pigmentation, excellent body, correct angulations, very good coat, moves well with lots of speed and drive”

2010-04-18 INT Berlin

A dog full of quality, correct type, masculine head, good ears, well angulated, good color, coat and marks. Moves well.”
Excellent, 1st, Anw. Dt. Ch VDH, CACIB, BOB, Sieger Berlin, BEST IN GROUP 2
A dog full of quality, correct type, masculine head, good ears, well angulated, good color, coat and marks. Moves well.”
Excellent, 1st, Anw. Dt. Ch VDH, CACIB, BOB, Sieger Berlin, BIG-2

2010-02-27 BOB, Rheinland Sieger ‘10

2009-11-01 Hannover
Excellent, R-CACIB

2009-10-18 Nationale Ausstellung Dortmund
Excellent, 1st place, Anw. Dt. Ch VDH, CAC, BOB

Nationale Zuchtschau Dresden 2009
Result: Excellent, 1st place, Anw. Dt. Ch VDH, CAC, reserve best male, German Champion VDH

2009-02-15 Show: National Dog Show, Rheinberg
Class: Champion Class   Judge: M. Forte (IRL)
Critics: balanced male with strong condition, good head, eye and for face, very well presented,
coat in lovely condition
Result: Excellent, 1st place, Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH, CAC, Rheinlandsieger, picked out into FCI-Group-Final

2008-11-09 Stuttgart
Result: VDH-Sieger-Stuttgart, BOB


JP/R (Jagdliche Jugendprüfung für Retriever)
10 points for the ”memory ability”
8 points for the Steadiness.
The rest of his points look like this:
”The way he uses hi nose“: 10 points
”The way he picks up/carries the game“: 10 points
”Obedience“: 10 points
”Joy of working“ 10 points
Because of the fact you multiply the first points by 4 and 3 and 2
(10 x 4 + 10×4 + 10×3 + 8×3 + 10×3 + 10×3 + 10×2 + 10×2 +10×2)
final result of 254 points; very good!!!

Show: Internationale Zuchtschau hannover
Class: Champion Class
Judge: H.-W. Müller (CH)
correct masculine type, well proportioned male, straight back,
strong front, good bones and angulations, strong head, good eyes and ears, correct movement
Result: Excellent 1st place, Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Show: Nationale Zuchtschau 2008
Class: Champion Class
D. Kuzelj (SLO)
Critic: Excllent in type, very nice head with correct expression,
well placed stop, correct set ears, nice neck and correct body, deep chest,
strong angulation, nice coat texture, excellent movement, correctly colored coat
Result: Excellent 1st place, Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH, CAC neutral, BOB;
FCI-Group-competition: was picked out under the first 6 (!!) dogs!

Show: Bundessieger-Zuchtschau 2008
Class: Champion Class
Judge: B. Ting (D)
Elegant, very harmonical male of excellent type,
very nice proportioned, correct anatomy and breed characteristics,
very nice head with sweet expression, very nice movement
Result: Excellent 1st place, Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH, CAC, Res. CACIB

2008-09-14 Nationale Zuchtschau Leipzig 2008
Class: Champion Class
Judge: M. Holm-Hansen (DK)
Critics: Excellent head & expression, correct neck & shoulder, bone & feet,
good rip, rather long in loin, would like straighter back, strong quarter &
correct tail carriage, good coat and color, moves correctly
Result: Very Good 1st place

2008-09-13 Internazionale Zuchtschau Leipzig 2008
Class: Champion Class
Judge:  H. Assenmacher-Feyel (D)
Critics: good size, excellent type, wedge-shaped head, a bit round skull,
well placed and dark eyes, excellent pigmentation, well placed ears, a lot expression,
excellent anatomy, correct dog in every single way, nice movement, 
nice coat and white-markings, very nice character
Result: Excellent 1st place, Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH, CAC DRC, CACIB, VDH-Sieger Leipzig, BOB

2008-09-06 Show: Spezialzuchtschau Lich 2008
Class: Champion Class
Judge: Finn Lange (DK)
Critics: 22 months old dog, excellent type, my type of toller, excellent overall,
extremely good pigmentation, nice coat and color, well bodied, moves well
Result: Excellent 1st. place, Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH, CAC, BOB

2008-08 Wesentest. Result: Passed
The 22 months old shows a balanced temperament and movement, more  or less play instinct.
The male pays a lot of attention and perseveringly regulates his objectives.
He shows a strong desire to retrieve. The male has a really deep attachment to his owner,
he accepts a subordinate role to his owner well. The male is friendly towards strange people,
but he is not interested in playing with them. While lying on his back he is confident.
When he was left in the circle on his own he is a bit scarred but he recreates.
At the stations the male looks at all of the objects. He is not afraid of the shot.
All in all he is a very independent, attentive male who has got a really deep attachment to his owner.

2008-08- Tollerspecialty, Sweden. Workingtest 86/100p – 6th place Nkl

2008-07-13 Show: Spezialzuchtschau Timmerlage
Judge: S.Sand (DK)
Class: Champion Class
Critics: Excellent Champion with nice head and full of quality all over, lovely coat, moves very well.
Result: Excellent 1st. place + CACs and 2nd. best male

2008-06-16 Show: Internationale Zuchtschau Erfurt 2008
Class: Champion Class
Judge: G. Werner (D)
Critics: A bit lighter, well built male; friendly; very nice coat, correct angulations, attractive head;
would like a little stronger muzzle; nice round and strongly webbed feet; free mover
Result: Excellent 2nd place, Res-Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH, Res. CAC DRC

2008-06-07 Show: DRC-Spezialzuchtshow Hoisdorf
Class: Intermediate Class
Judge: E.K. Pedersen (DK)
Critics: Nice dog. Good head. Good neck + angulations. Nice bone, Good chest, Nice coat, Moves well. White too high on the legs
Result: Very good place

2008-05-04  VDH-Europasieger-Zuchtschau 2008. Judge: Sybille Radtke (D)
Exc 1 place. Anw Dt. Ch. VDH, CAC DRC, CACIB, VDH-Europasieger ’08 & BOB
Friendly, nice young male, correct head, muzzle is a bit short,
well developed chest, strong and straight back, strong bones, correct white markings,
Paws should be a bit closer to each other, while moving and standing correct set and carried tail

2008-04-20  Internationale Zuchtschau Lingen. Judge: M. Blaha (AUT)
Intermediate Class
Excellent 1 place. Anw. Dt CH (VDH CAC). CACIB, BOB
17 months old male, very good type of toller, very good head, good pigmantation,
already a very well developed chest, very good angulations, moves very well, changes his coat

2008-04-05 Internationale Zuchtschau Berlin. Judge: B. Roed (DK)
Intermediate Class
Very Good 2nd place  

2008-04-13 Test: BHP B
Walking heel on leash: 18/20 p.
Walking heel off leash: 20/20 p.
”Sit” on command (while walking heel) and staying at this place until hander calls the dog: 10/10 p.
”Lie” down and stay at this place: 10/10 p.
”Stay” 2minutes when handler walks away (dog can´t see the handler): 10/10 p.
Retrieving a dummy: 10/10 p.
Result: 78/80 p. ”excellent” 1st. place

2008-03-30 APD/R-A – Passed
1. Single mark on land: 20/20 p.
2. Single mark on water: 20/20 p.
3. Walk-Up & Memory mark: 20/20 p.
4. Free Search: 4/20

2008-03-15 Netherlands. C-Diploma
Class: C
Passed with 42/50 points

1 Station: Walking on heel on & off leash = 8/10 p.
2 Station: Sending the dog a straight line and call him back = 9/10 p.
3 Station: Staying at one place for 2 minutes without seeing the handler = 8/10 p.
4 Station: Single land marking = 10/10 p.
5 Station: Single water mark with shot = 7/10 p.

2008-03-07 Crufts 2008, England
Class: Special Junior
Judge: Mrs P A Blay (UK)
Critic :
2 Westermann’s Seawild’s Taste Of Truth,
dog of a good size & shape who now
needs to mature to complete a very interesting picture, loved his head, expression & eye,
excellent type of Toller with good bone & feet, moved with style & panache,
holding his topline carrying his well set tail correctly, put down in excellent coat & condition.
2nd special junior male – qualified for Crufts 2009

Show: Nationale Zuchtschau Rheinberg 2008
Class: Intermediate Class
Judge: Phyllis Poduschka-Aignar (AUT)
Critic : Male of very good size , correct body, masculine head,
nice neckline, a bit soft in back, correct angulations,
correct movements, a bit loose in front, good coat
Excellent 1st place, Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH, 2nd best male Res. CAC neutral

2007-11-17 Excellent, 1st place. DRC Clubjuniorwinner!
DRC Clubschau 2007
Judge: A.W. van Luijk-Grevelink
lovely toller of excellent type, excellent head with nice expression,
good angulation in front and rear, good bone, good feet, but needs to tighten in pastern,
well muzzled, good topline and neck, very well presented, lovely coat and color,
good typical movement with drive, should have a bright future.
Excellent 1st place, Jgd. CAC DRC, Clubjuniorwinner´07, BEST YOUNGSTER IN SHOW

2007-11-11 APD/R-A (Dummy A test) – not passed. (Read Alexandras report here)

2007-10-28 Show: Internationale Zuchtschau Hannover 2007
Judge: H. Assenmacher-Feyel (D)
Result: Excellent 1st place, Dt. Jg. Ch. DRC
12 months, beautiful young male, excellent head, nice expression,
a bit round eyes, nice ears, excellent body,
beautiful in every single way, good tail, good movement,
correct coat, nice character

2007-10-14 Show: VDH Bundessieger-Zuchtschau 2007
Judge: Henric Fryckstrand (S)
Class: Junior
Exc. 1, Anw. Dt. Jug. Ch. VDH, CAC DRC, Bundesjugendsieger´07 , 2nd best male
nice dog with many good points, very nice head and expression, well balanced,
good angulation in the front, nice bone, good substance for age, nice topline,
good angulations in the back, moves well with a good drive, very nice coat

Dt. Jg. Ch. Seawild's Taste of Truth "Joker"

Show: Leipzig 2007
Judge: B.Roed (DK)
Class: Junior
Critics: nice presented 10 months old male; well stoped head; typical expression;
would prefer a bit longer neck; well angulated; strong legs; excellent coat;
very promising young star
Result: Juniorwinner Leipzig 2007!, 1 Junior CAC DRC & 1 CAC VDH, BOS /
Excellent 1st place, VDH-Jugendsieger Leipzig ´07, Dt. Jug. CAC VDH, Dt. Jug. CAC DRC, BOS

Show: Leipzig 2007
Judge: L. Ubrova  (CZ)
Class: Junior
Critics: 10 months old male, scissorbite, typical head, very good angulations,  very well presented
Result: 1st prize 1 place, junior CAC VDH, 2nd best male / Excellent 1st place, Dt.Jug. CAC VDH

2007-08-12 Tollerspecialty, Tånga Hed.
2nd best male in juniorclass.
Beautiful junior male. Masculine expression. Correct bite. Good ears. Beautiful pigmentation.
Good neck and back. Good bone. Well developed chest. Very good coat and tail. Enough angulations front and back. Moving nicely.
A bit too much weight for the day, but keeping his HP.

2007-08-10 Tollerspecialty, Tånga Hed.
Workingtest, juniorclass. 56 points/ 100

2007-08-09 Funktionsbeskriven/Functiondescription

Show: Natioanle Zuchtschau Cloppen burg 2007
Judge: Dagmar Winter
Class: Puppy-Class
8 months old male, beautiful head, dark pigment, front legs show too much white,
very good body for his age,

front legs could be closer to each other, still a soft chest
Result: Promising – 1st place

Show: VDH-Europasieger-Zuchtschau 2007
Judge: Laurent Pichard
Class: Puppy-Class
Critics: Very typical 7 months old male, very lively, beautiful head, excellent coat of quality and coulor,
correct set of teeth, correct ears, shows lots of attention, correct white paws, lovely character,
at the moment a bit long and soft back, still in development
Result: Promising – 1st place