Taste Of Trouble Meriter

Fires results

2010-10-17 Show in Hungary
Results: C.I.B

Agility competition – Wrocław
30.09.2009 A1 – excellent, place 1/11 (second leg to A2)

Agility competition – Sopot
08.08.2009 agility + jumping – very good, place 5/38
09.08.2009 A1 – very good, place 8/23

Polish Agility Cup – Legnica:
01.08.2009 A1 – excellent, place 2/10
01.08.2009 agility + jumping – excellent, place 3/20
02.08.2009 A1 – excellent, place 2/10 ( first leg to A2)
02.08.2009 agility + jumpingvery good, place 7/20

Polish Agility Cup – Zabrze :
5.07.2009 A1 – very good, place 4/17

International All Breeds Cup 2009 – Kozienice:

12.06.2009 Agility – excellent, place 6
13.06.2009 – agility + jumping 0 excellent, place 2/25 (A0 excellent, place 4, J0 excellent, place 4)
14.06.2009 – agility + jumping 0excellent, place 2/20 (A0 excellent, place 7, J0 excellent, place.4)

03.05.2009 Łódź, agility competition :
L A0 + J0 – excellent, I place

25.04.2009 Satu Mare, international show- exc I, CAC, CACIB, BOB (finished Romania Championship )

28.03.2009 Włocławek, agility competition, qualification to World Championships :
L A0 + J0 – excellent, I place

29.03.2009 Włocławek, agility competition, qualification to World Championships :
L A0 + J0 – excellent, I place

2008-08-04 dosk I, NDPwR, CWC, BOB, Polish Champion!

19.07.2008 Warszawa, obedience competition – excellent, 85 points

2008-06-14 Obedience Polish Cup in Wrocław in class zero
excellent with 99/100 points and second place in all

2008-05-04 International Show in Lodz, excellent I, CWC, res CACIB

2008-04-26 International Show in Opole
Glamorous dog, with perfect, deeply colour, correct bite, excellent topline, correct movement, good type of hair and temperament.
xcellent I, CWC, res CACIB

2008-03-22 PT Exam – very good note with 187 points

1 Station: Walking on heel on leash  =17/20 p.
2 Station: Walking on heel off leash =36/40  p.
3 Station: Staying the dog,  and call him back to me and to leg = 20 /20  p.
3 Station: Staying at one place for 2 minutes without seeing the handler = 8/10 p.
4 Station  Retrieve  an object 28/30 p
5 Station: Sit in march 15 /15 p
6 Station:  Lay in march 13/ 15 p
7 Station  Running for command 28 /30 p
8 Station  Socializatin / checking teeth 10 /10 p
9 Station  Stay in sit with distractions (2 minutes) 10 /10 p
10.Station Stay in lay with distractions  (2 minutes)   10 /10 p.

2008-03-09 National Show in Jaroslaw
Right and well-proportioned  built, muscled very well, medium bone, good carried masculine head, very active in motion, excellent psyche
excellent I, CWC, BOS, BOB

2008-02-24 Leszno, Champion of Champions show
Excellent I, CWC, and BOB

2008-01-26 – Głogów, national show
Excellent I, CWC
good size, light in structure, good head, straight back, good motion

2007-11-25 Warsaw, obedience competition, good, 61 points

2007-10-27 Chrzelice, Hunting Competition of Bloodtracking,
Result: Diploma III degree

2007-10-12 Legnica, Tracking Competition (vildsvin)- 2nd prize, 76 points

2007-09-15 National show, Radom,
Junior Winner, Best of Breed. PL Junior Champion!
Dog with good proportion of body, good head and neck, good angulation and top line, excellent in movement and static

2007-08-26 International Show, Bialystok
Excellent I, Junior Winner
Junior male, he needs time to develop. Good expression of head, good top and lower line, front legs with a little sticking
elbows, good angulation, excellent presentation.

2007-08-19 Show
very good, I
10 month old dog, with good dentition,, good head proportions, rather soft in back but very nice mechanics of movements.
Too light colour on muzzle and white markings over his patterns in backside

2007-08-18 Rzeszów – good, 67 points, obedience class 0

2007-08-12 Tollerspecialty, Tånga Hed.
1 HP juniorclass
Very nice junior male with nice expression. Good bite. Good ears. Good neck and back. Enough bone for his size. Good angulations front and back.
Good coat. Moving nicely.

2007-08-10 Tollerspecialty, Tånga Hed.
2nd prize in Obedienceclass 1

2007-08-09 Funktionsbeskriven/Functiondescription

2007-08-05 Show in Zakopane:
excellent I, Best of Breed
good size and proportion, good angulations, too long in body, very good movement, beautiful head, excellent contact with owner.

2007-07-22 National Show, Nowy Sącz, Poland
Junior Winner, Best Junior in Breed, Best of Breed
good size, excellent proportionn, beautiful head, excellent muscular, wonderful movement,
brilliant temperament, excellent presentation

2007-07-15 National show, Poland.
excellent I, Junior Winner, Best Junior in Breed, Best of Breed
During developing, good proportions, beautiful head, very good, smooth and efficient motion, very elegant dog in static, excellent character